Athletics Louth T&F U15-U19 15th Aug.

Updated: Aug 13

Just a few days to go before our somewhat unique event, hoping the weather holds up. We have over 100 athletes entered so lets make it a fun safe and enjoyable day out for all.

A few notes for your information and to assist with the smooth running of the event, hopefully the restrictions will not prevent everyone from enjoying the day, Please share amongst your club and parent comms groups. The following schedule is a guide, this event is somewhat unique in terms of age group mixes and the specific competition events so we've laid it out as sensibly as we can, but I would ask for your patience if there are some gaps in the proceedings. The format is generally U14-15-16 starting with sprints then shot, then long jump then 800. U17-19 will be: sprint to long jump to shot to 800m.

Would hope to thave the entire event wrapped up by about 1:30PM - 2:00PM

  • Parents/Guardians -  Limited to one parent/guardian peer athlete/family of athletes, we will be very close to the maximum allowed limit of 200 people so this must be enforced. (this does not apply to those with two parents helping on the day)

  • Parents/Guardians - Bring personal hand sanitizer.

  • Parents/Guardians - When an athlete is done for the day, it is preferable that they depart to help with numbers management and social distancing.

  • EVERYONE not competing that attends MUST fill in the following COVID tracing questionnaire - this will be checked on entry -

  • Clubs - Please NO TENTS - they are not conducive to social distancing, we will just have to make do with cars and umbrellas if there is rain.

  • Clubs - Please ensure your athletes follow what is now normal COVID protocol and social distance as much as is feasible as is required for sporting events.

  • Clubs - Please let me know on the day who you have to assist with running of the event,anyone assisting please bring hi-vis.

  • Medals will not be presented in the usual way, winning athletes will collect medals themselves without a podium.

Note 1 - U18 and U19 are combined to one age group as has been the norm in Louth championships Note 2 - Entries are now closed.

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