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The Calliope Joy Foundation - Cals Cupca

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Ace AC are once again, in conjunction with Coca Cola International Services, hosting our annual R-Ace 5k road race in December.


This year’s event will be a virtual one, held on December 27-28th 2020 and we are proud to team up with the Calliope Joy Foundation (Reg 501c (3) tax id no 99-1005140 (US))”, and will be donating one third of the proceeds from our event to this worthy cause. This foundation was founded in honour of Calliope Joy Carr, a young lady with Drogheda roots, who was diagnosed at age 2 with a rare fatal and hereditary neurological disorder called late onset Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD).


The Callopie Joy Foundation serves children like Callopie, by raising funds for research in paediatric neurology and supporting paediatric palliative care and hospice at Pennsylvania’s children’s hospice unit. The foundations initiatives include supporting families, like the Carrs, caring for children with neurological disease, research grants and Cals wishes fund to help families caring for children at the end of their lives.


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