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Couple Running


All levels, ages & experience welcome

Becoming a member of Ace Athletics Club is easy. Our club is about family, about fun, about friendships. We cater for all levels of experience - juniors to seniors, beginners to experienced, competition focused athletes to social members who want to get fit for life.



Under 8’s                                                     € 80
All other members                                       €130

Family membership to be capped at         €310


  • Juvenile members may be represented at the AGM and any EGM’s by parents/guardians.

  • Juveniles must be turning 7 in the year they join.

  • All new juvenile members (never registered with AAI previously) need to submit a copy of their birth certificate.

Membership Instructions

If you would like to become a member please follow these steps:-

  1. Download or print our membership for here.

  2. Complete the form and return to an ACE Coach.

  3. New applications are processed by the club registrar.

  4. Once accepted a secure online payment link for your membership fee (STRIPE PAYMENTS) which includes club insurance and your Athletics Ireland registration.

  5. A receipt for your payment will be sent to you by email.

  6. Athletics Ireland will send you your Life Registration Number.



If you have any questions about membership, please contact us!

Mags & Donal Nugent

Ace has a great set up... welcoming, committed coaches, good structure, but in a fun envirnoment, equality

& recognition of interest and potential too.  Our children have made great friends.  They love going to sessions.

Sophie Gartland

There is a great mixture of competitive and non competitive athletes, 

I've made and I have made friends for life. The club coaches  are very supportive and recognise my ambitions to become a champion athlete.

Olive Carroll

I never had the confidence to try anything more than a 10k. But with the support and encouragement  from ACE AC, I have completed  my 1st 10 mile, half marathon and  full marathon.  All in the space of a few months and now feel ready to do it  all again.  I've gained running buddies.

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